This is a collection of stupid phrases I've heard at the numerous meetings I'm forced to endure. The majority were provided by sales people, so it's only fair that I pick on them. Enjoy!

Come in under their radar
Loosey Goosey
under their radar
willy nilly
hodge podge
informal handshake
we have to be tactical not strategic
we have to be strategic not tactical
Grab the bulls by the horn
He is a real "Steady Eddie"
He has a bee in his bonnet
. . .I freely admit that I dont understand the depth of this conversation
I need to get my arms around it.
It went upside down.
They are in a high speed wobble.
Not life threatening.
. . . there is nothing "untoward" about it
Put a stake in the ground.
Grab the low hanging fruit.
Need to ratchet it down.
I would like to unpeel the onion.
I am a big picture person. part and parcel of this project ensure that they are tightly coupled
Throw up a shingle.
Hit the hot buttons.
As they say, do not read to adults.
If they arch their back on an issue.
have a leg up on them
... you got two ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as you talk
it could get icky
will have to defer away
crapping twinkies
It is as basic as bread.
You wake him, you take him
Whats the bottom line?
I will have it to you by yesterday
That is as low as I can go.
My technical staff is at your disposal.
That is how my mommy taught me.
turns out it is a real hairball
Is there any thing else we can do to win the business--besides praying?
. . . looks like we may have to circle the wagons on this one
Be careful if they drank the kool aid
. . .it depends on the sophistication of the integration
. . .we will have to have strategic vision on a global scale
... a lot of ways to skin the cat
Not noisy, but sexy, with flair.
Here is my elevator pitch
"...put your arms around the whole thing and box it on in"
We have to go Guerrilla Tactics, I am not going into the vortex here.
Keep the powder dry
Here is another free fun fact from big Mikes almanac.....
. . .we are spearheading an agressive marketing campaign
What does the end of the day mean to you?
Too many irons in the fire.
It is not on my radar yet
....usually billable or baked into the deal.....
That will fly like a lead balloon.
. . .just to belt and suspenders it
He had about as much chance as snow in Phoenix.
Jump on your head and whistle dixie.
You will have to sharpen your pencil on that one.
Tied around the axel
10 cent solution for a 5 cent problem
We are IBM, those letters stand for something.
You can't wear the shirt unless it has all the buttons
If you’re not out selling, you’re being outsold
We've built this nice closet but we have more clothes
Move the chess the pieces around to make it work.
The elephant is going to get some rollerskates.
I want to get into their shorts.
Money is cheap right now.
We need to rebake the pie. We need to take everything out of the pie pan, check the receipe and rebake the pie.
I'm just the skunk on the table guy.
We need to box the converstations.
That's a dog's breakfast.
That's alot of bellybuttons.
Stop! You had me at hot-pluggable!
100 ways to slice the salami.
I am kind of talking out loud.
You can only squint so far before your eyes are closed
You can only spend so much time pushing on a rope

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